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Needle axis magnet

Needle axis magnet
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I. automobile odometer:
Now the vast majority of multi-shaft electronic car with no speedometer sensor, common one is the speed sensor from the gearbox to get the signal through the pulse frequency changes in deflection of the pointer or display numerical speed of the car the automobile odometer also include connecting the same source, two LCD digital display window, respectively, of this total mileage and total mileage. the four-digit mileage usually for short-term counts, this can be cleared; total mileage, there are six number can not be cleared. electronic digital odometer mileage accumulation is stored in nonvolatile memory, in the absence of state power under the state data can be saved.
II. Automobile odometer injection magnet features:
1 car odometer magnetic NdFeB magnet using plastic materials, poles magnetizing method, the magnetic field strength can be adjusted in the 500Gs ~ 2500Gs use.
2 with the needle shaft insert a shape, size and high precision; avoid secondary assembly process deviations and product size caused cracks and other defects;
3 unique polymer-coated magnet technology, anti-corrosion effect, magnetic properties of uniform.
III.Plastic magnet NdFeB magnet shape, size, performance products according to customer's specific needs to produce drawings and samples.


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